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Create and Update Listings in LP

The LP API functions similarly to the Reverb core API, so please refer to the Getting Started docs if you're just getting started with the integration.

Note that for sandbox testing, listings will go to but querying LP data will come from LP production,

For any questions, please email [email protected]

Create an LP Listing

To create an LP listing, submit a request like this:

curl -XPOST -H "Accept-Version: 3.0" -H "Authorization: Bearer [token]" -H "Content-Type: application/hal+json" --data '

    "categories": [
            "uuid": "b891b5df-051c-4ee1-ac91-c9a38f62ef90"
            "uuid": "811382af-d7f8-4529-9c46-a8aa8d99403e"
    "cloudinary_photos": [],
    "description": "Sample description.",
    "merchandising_uuid": "236094db-dcc6-403e-964b-17030adf7d4c",
    "offers_enabled": true,
    "price": {
        "amount": "23",
        "currency": "USD"
    "publish": true,
    "seller_cost": "10.99",
    "sku": "abc-123b",
    "storage_location": "closet",
    "title": "Death Cab For Cutie - We Have The Facts And We're Voting Yes - Vinyl",
    "trait_value_uuids": [
    "trait_values": {
        "44340fd2-bca0-4a11-9145-54f70082e847": 1

Trait Breakdowns

These will be updated once the API endpoints have been configured for Reverb LP. The endpoint that will be changed is api/listing_conditions.

b891b5df-051c-4ee1-ac91-c9a38f62ef90 - represents recorded music and should be included for all

lp listings
811382af-d7f8-4529-9c46-a8aa8d99403e - represents the format (lp for this instance).

relates to lp's unique identifier for the release

is written as the {artist} - {album} - {format} for ease of reference on orders

should have two of these, one representing the sleeve condition and the other the media condition, here's a reference of acceptable values

this is a third trait that should be sent with an integer value representing the format quantity, e.g. 2 for a double lp, for reference:

Sleeve Conditions

Not Gradedeb767f2f-cafc-4215-a823-8fe0329c0310
No Cover0c6a3224-bd9c-40da-a2a1-e640a0631aa4
Mint (M)6e70b061-c753-44d5-9968-e717266685da
Near Mint (NM or M-)4613cedd-0a63-4b08-a1ea-6cce4fcdc069
Very Good Plus (VG+)b965e14a-ece9-4287-9e27-d282af7326e4
Very Good (VG)b0d3ffd0-81e1-4f45-a91a-a449c05bd6da
Good Plus (G+)aac035ae-68bd-4f38-93ea-0cfaab1ffec9
Good (G)1b1739f8-0d17-4692-8a8f-8e23fe2cb57c
Fair (F)cf94f5a0-9b48-4f66-afc4-438ec3ed8e4e
Poor (P)489bdbe7-9f5f-4075-859b-3da0bb9f4bf3

Media Conditions

Mint (M)2981e0e5-5770-48d8-89ab-ed4b378da220
Near Mint (NM or M-)7e6bbb82-419f-48d3-b7cd-d196cfa8ed34
Very Good Plus (VG+)38d7284f-09bb-4d49-8dc0-6f9fb4469fea
Very Good (VG)8eec19fb-01cc-466e-b1d5-c7405f8e9538
Good Plus (G+)8945e258-e249-4c98-86d9-305f5b2098ca
Good (G)06230b7a-3f8b-40a4-978b-dcdc87598fcb
Fair (F)896c4b33-03ea-44b4-990e-7f023d97d519
Poor (P)e25cdf2b-3595-4631-817f-7fc0bdac8bf4

To update a listing

To update an LP listing, submit a request like this:

curl -XPUT -H "Authorization: Bearer [oauth_token]" -H "Accept-Version: 3.0" -H "Content-Type: application/hal+json"[id] --data "..."'

Shipping Profiles and Shipping Rates

An importance difference for Reverb LP is that we rely on a shipping profile that uses a standard and incremental rate, the incremental being used when people order additional items for the same shop at the same time. Thus, be sure to set up a Reverb LP Shipping Profile within Reverb LP before syncing.


There are two flags that must be set:

  • has_inventory = true
  • inventory = [n]

For most cases, we should be using has_inventory=true for sellers who are selling retail items that have inventory. If you are selling a unique item, you can set has_inventory=false and the inventory field will be ignored. If you specify inventory=0 for any item, regardless of whether it supports inventory, this will end the listing.

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Create and Update Listings in LP

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