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Reverb Apps - Embedded vs External

Reverb Apps are integrations that can be launched directly from the Reverb website. You can check out the existing apps in the app store

Embedded Apps

Embedded Apps are apps that run within the frame of the Reverb site. All apps with the Reverb official branding are embedded, and we encourage all developers to develop embedded apps whenever possible for the best user experience.

An embedded app can be written in any language, on any platform. When your app is launched, the website will display your app in an iframe, served from any domain of your choosing.

The embedded app must be able to embed a special javascript file from Reverb. Place this code prior to the closing "" tag of your site:

  <!-- html for your app here -->
    <script src=""/>

External Apps

If you have an app that you want to run on an external site, you can integrate your app with the Reverb API and get it into the Reverb App Store without having to run it embedded. External apps can still be listed and sold through the Reverb App Store, making it easy for developers not to worry about payments and subscriptions.

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Reverb Apps - Embedded vs External

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