Changelog Update: 2/13/2024

All the category changes listed below are pertaining to the Keyboard and Synths root category, and will go into effect on 2/13/2024.

We will be renaming the following categories:

  • Keyboard accessories becomes Keyboard and synth accessories [“uuid”: “271e38fa-a852-48a9-8785-3883023f9742”]
  • Benches becomes Keyboard and piano benches [“uuid”: “702abcab-7cef-4e39-bb43-7d7b2af36211”]
  • Cases becomes Keyboard and synth cases [“uuid”: “7737a99b-ff87-4174-8d35-a96cb7dfc4ea”]
  • Pedals becomes Keyboard sustain pedals [“uuid”: “206ee409-a7e6-4c15-8ef9-eee27139a5fc”]
  • Stands becomes Keyboard and synth stands [“uuid”: “64aa38c7-bbe6-4f9f-9df8-179107961d29”]
  • Controllers becomes Midi controllers [“uuid”: “fa8d98c5-3538-46d1-b74a-d48c5222f889”]
  • Workstations becomes Keyboard workstations [“uuid”: “4caba01d-fef3-4f67-9c2c-a5116d1faf0a”]
  • Keyboard parts becomes Keyboard and synth parts [“uuid”: “6ae610f4-7c96-48ef-a94d-5e65f2c801b4”]

We will be adding the following categories:

  • arranger-keyboards [“uuid”: “f7693392-603e-4e47-bf83-dbe0f586f350”]
  • grooveboxes [“uuid”: “b3608028-206e-467c-8d93-db5489b1727b”]
  • portable-keyboards [“uuid”: “f540ce2a-6dfa-4d2c-a2d5-5a7f45b2314d”]
  • sequencers [“uuid”: “37c7e49a-9d81-4d03-b14a-e5cb842b8f07”]
  • vocoders [“uuid”: “c93058b0-ee45-4f2e-8193-1e6422ed9255”]
  • digital-pianos > digital-home-pianos [“uuid”: “04f056db-0b48-49a0-a72e-36386e02f66b’]
  • digital-pianos > digital-stage-pianos [“uuid”: “89de4db0-dab0-48b5-bc66-6580cebb6111”]
  • keyboard-and-synth-accessories > keyboard-and-synth-covers [“uuid”: “43aee15d-3396-44d5-bd7e-23671564eb7f”]
  • keyboard-and-synth-accessories > keyboard-and-synth-gig-bags [“uuid”: "79eccb1a-f14f-4d61-9383-86ec2ae76ae1”]
  • keyboard-and-synth-accessories > modular-synth accessories > blank-modular-synth-panels["uuid": "4b750758-fbcc-4c52-b2f2-c3120038cf74"]
  • keyboard-and-synth-accessories > modular-synth accessories > modular-synth-dsp-cards["uuid": "420a271f-d07d-404f-9904-e5557473fd12"]
  • keyboard-and-synth-accessories > modular-synth accessories > modular-synth-power-supplies["uuid": "bfefc47f-a9f4-42c3-861a-996b96d9449f"]
  • keyboard-and-synth-accessories > modular-synth accessories > modular-synth-splitters-slash-hubs["uuid": "2f4d155c-264f-4bef-a5a0-8c2b9ce093b2"]
  • midi-controllers > keyboard-midi-controllers [“uuid”: “0f4ee318-296a-4dfb-8bee-be46d7531b60”]
  • midi-controllers > pad-midi-controllers [“uuid”: “cd3db25b-5e52-492a-b0ad-9479ea9d96e7”]
  • midi-controllers > wind-midi-controllers [“uuid”: “b1845d46-acb6-4a48-83e2-59408d9aabbd”]
  • midi-controllers > foot-pedal-midi-controllers [“uuid”: “237d9eca-fa33-43e4-b9a3-6d93851d78af”]
  • midi-controllers > keytar-midi-controllers [“uuid”: “10250c4e-e0db-47b4-aa25-767a8bdd54f0”]
  • synths > desktop-synths [“uuid”: “9fc531bd-53df-46fa-8f47-ff1a5b9c7038”]
  • synths > keyboard-synths [“uuid”: “d2688e49-3cca-4cf6-95d0-c105e8e5c3bd”]
  • synths > modular-synths > synth-modules["uuid": "77dfa8de-c42e-43ea-9b28-5251e1a6e540"]
  • synths > modular-synths > complete-modular-synth-systems["uuid": "445d0bc8-781c-46a8-8005-c2881c24a873"]
  • synths > modular-synths > modular-synth-cases["uuid": "8ac20083-47a1-4df8-9750-425f4228a4a1"]

The following categories will no longer be available for use on new listings (see Note below). You will not be able to publish further listings utilizing these categories, and must choose a different category before publishing. Any ended or draft listings you wish to publish utilizing these categories must be updated before you will be able to publish them to Reverb:

  • digital-pianos [“uuid”: “e8a9fc21-1e7b-475a-8928-5847fe1b5cca”]
  • midi-controllers (currently known as “controllers”) [“uuid”: “fa8d98c5-3538-46d1-b74a-d48c5222f889”]
  • modular-synths["uuid": "16fcc8f2-74d5-48d1-b738-1fc33a1660ae"]

Note: We are renaming Controllers to Midi Controllers, and we are adding new subcategories under Midi Controllers. We are also adding new subcategories under Digital Pianos and Modular Synths. You will not be able to create or update a listing by just designating Midi Controllers or Digital Pianos or Modular Synths as a category, as these will now be considered “middle categories” and are non-listable.

To review other non-listable categories, please refer to API changelog update 1/18/2024.