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Debugging Integration Sync Issues (Bigcommerce, Shopify, Magento)

If you're having trouble syncing, please supply the following info

  1. Specific SKUs that you had issues with, as text (not screenshots) as well as any info that is out of sync (e.g. SKU ABCDEFG has inventory 5 in magento but showing as 4 in Reverb)
  2. What time you tried to sync, as specific as you can get including the timezone (e.g. at 2015-05-15 4:15pm UTC)
  3. Screenshots of what it looks like on Reverb and screenshots of what it looks like on your plugin side (magento/bigcommerce/shopify)
  4. What you expected to happen
  5. What actually happened
  6. Any logs available on your plugin. For magento, this would be everything from /var/log. For plugins that we host (bigcommerce, shopify), we have the logs.
  7. A link to the Reverb listing, if available

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Debugging Integration Sync Issues (Bigcommerce, Shopify, Magento)

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