Debugging Integration Sync Issues (Bigcommerce, Shopify, Magento)

If you're having trouble syncing, please supply the following information:

  1. Specific SKUs that you had issues with, as text (not screenshots), as well as any info that is out of sync (e.g. SKU ABCDEFG has inventory 5 in magento but showing as 4 in Reverb)
  2. What time you tried to sync, as specific as you can get including the timezone (e.g. at 2015-05-15 4:15 PM UTC)
  3. Screenshots of what it looks like on Reverb and screenshots of what it looks like on your plugin side (magento/bigcommerce/shopify)
  4. What you expected to happen
  5. What actually happened
  6. Any logs available on your plugin. For plugins that we host (BigCommerce, Shopify), we have the logs.
  7. A link to the Reverb listing, if available