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Debugging an API request

If your API request is returning something other than what you expected and you believe there's an issue with the Reverb API, please take the following steps to first ensure that the problem is not in your code.

  1. Download and install Postman. This free App will let you simulate requests to the API.

  2. In Postman, set up the same request you're doing in your code by setting the endpoint, http method, and body/params. Please make sure you set the Content-Type header to application/hal+json and the X-Auth-Token header to your token , if appropriate, or use the OAuth2 Bearer header if using OAuth .

  3. Click on "Generate Code" and select cURL from the list. This will generate a curl request you can execute in your terminal. As a first step for debugging, try running the generated curl command in your terminal window. If this provides a different response than in your code, the bug is in your code. If you are seeing a consistently problematic response, please send the curl request to [email protected]

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Debugging an API request

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