Personal Token Scopes

publicRead publicly available data
read_feedbackRead feedback that you have sent or received
write_feedbackWrite feedback about your transactions on the site
read_listingsRead all of your listings with your sales and bump data
write_listingsCreate/update your listings (inventory, price, etc) and add a listings to sales / bump
read_listsRead your wish list / watch list / feed
write_listsUpdate your wish list / watch list / feed
read_messagesRetrieve your messages
write_messagesPost and update messages as you
read_offersRead your offers
write_offersMake offers on listings on your behalf
read_ordersRead your orders
write_ordersUpdate the status of your orders
read_profileGet the details about your account and shop, such as name and email address
write_profileUpdate settings for your shop (name, address, vacation, etc)
read_reviewsRead your reviews of listings
write_reviewsWrite reviews of listings on your behalf
read_payoutsRead a list of earnings payouts