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Generating Personal Access Tokens

To develop an app that is used only by you or to access your own data, you can generate a Personal Access Token. These tokens can be configured with scopes that restrict the token to only be able to access certain parts of your account.


Personal Access Tokens

Please note: Reverb Personal Access Tokens do not expire

How To Generate A Personal Access Token

  1. From your user menu, go to My Profile.
  1. Click the API & Integrations Tab, then click the Generate New Token button.
  1. Enter a name, then choose the scopes you need for your token. Scopes allow you to set the permissions of your token.

For most ecommerce integrations we recommend selecting the following scopes:

  • public
  • read_listings
  • write_listings
  • read_orders
  • write_orders
  1. Your token is now created.
  1. Use this token in subsequent requests in the Authorization header
curl -i -H 'Authorization: Bearer 774c5112345abcd3f32e662e885e043672f6c5d36e14c1d98730170cea3' -X GET ''

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Generating Personal Access Tokens

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